Radical Acceptance, Radical Change

Mindful Self-Compassion in action

Mindfulness and self-compassion is often associated with accepting things as they are, but paradoxically it’s a radical form of acceptance that empowers us to change in many deep and lasting ways. Together we will explore the way that awareness and both tender and fierce self-compassion, can support you making the changes you wish for in your inner and outer life, and contributing to change in the world. Whether you are stuck in a rut at work, struggling in relationships, or want to change your approach to practice this workshop will resource you through meditations, self-reflection exercises, teachings and group discussion. This event is open to all levels of experience though previous mindfulness or self-compassion training will be helpful.


Compassion is often thought of as tender, soft and comforting, but that’s only one side of a caring response to suffering. On the Mindful Self-Compassion programme, and particularly in the work of Kristin Neff there is increasing emphasis on the fact that compassion expresses itself in different ways. We all need to find more balance but that’s not easy – learn how to adjust your caring so that you feel safe, boundaried and actively engaged in protecting the people and places you care about.

Imagine validating your own needs and being a good friend to yourself so that you become your own brave ally, better able to hold boundaries and asserting your needs, putting yourself first so that you can be there for others as you wish to be, speaking out when you want to. Self-compassion at such times means we no longer abandon ourselves and are better protected against the risks of, for example, activist exhaustion, carer burn out, or continually exposing ourselves to harm in relationships.

See more about fierce self-compassion in a recent blog here.

A safe learning environment for you to explore individually and with others how to be more brave, empowered and motivating using self-compassion techniques. A day long session with lunch break, including a mix of didactic material, experiential exercises, meditations, self-reflection and discussion for you to learn how with words, tone, gestures and insight we can change the habits of a lifetime.



Based on Dr. Rick Hanson’s work you will learn ways to lower anxiety and stress, lift mood, develop calm and contentment. Introducing you to a method that imprints everyday positive experiences in our memory to help us feel strong, happy, peaceful, and loved more of the time.  

No prior mindfulness experience is required. Everyone is welcome.

You will:

  • Identify how and why the brain has a “negativity bias” and the effects this has on our well-being;
  • Gain a deeper scientific understanding of “self-directed neuroplasticity,” where we can use our minds to change the shape and functioning of our brains over time—the basis of long-term health and happiness;
  • Learn which positive experiences can meet your three essential needs for safety, satisfaction and connection and how you can use these to build inner strength;
  • Learn Dr. Rick Hanson’s four-step HEAL method that imprints everyday positive experiences in the memory to help us feel strong, happy, peaceful, and loved.

A mix of didactic material, experiential exercises, self reflection and discussion.

This class will be held on Zoom. There will be a 30-minute break during the workshop. Max 12 participants.


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