Go Mindfully 8 week Mindfulness (MSBR) and Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) courses are open to all, beginners or experienced meditators. You will learn approaches that reduce stress and increase joy, are empirically supported, and will support you in finding more peace at work, at home and in your relationships. Whatever the issue that brings you here, Go Mindfully specialise in mindfulness for a lifetime, not just a one off quick fix. The strength of the graduate community represents the value and accessibility of the Go Mindfully approach.

What’s involved in attending a mindfulness course?

Each weekly session you learn meditations and engage in interactive exercises and discussions. Over the course of 8 weeks you will gain insight into your patterns and learn ways to alleviate your stress, whether that’s psychological, emotional or physical. We learn ways of training our awareness through exploring a number of approaches and practices that affect how we think, feel and relate.  Between sessions you are encouraged  to practise the meditations you’ve been introduced to in class (formal meditations), as well as explore some ways of integrating mindfulness into daily life. You will be expected to set aside up to 45 minutes everyday during the course, which is a big commitment for most of us – but this investment of time and effort is the most effective way to make new habits.

How does being Mindful make a difference?

Mindfulness can be explained in many different ways but fundamentally it’s simply awareness. So a mindfulness training is an awareness training, building a muscle as it were so that you can be more aware more of the time. This means that you have more choice about how to approach the next moment, in  a  way that reduces your stress or suffering rather than increasing it.  Most of us are caught up in automatic habitual reactions most of the time. By practicing Mindfulness we can start to recognise our patterns of reactivity and develop more skilful conscious ways of responding.

Do I have to be flexible like a yogi to be mindful?

Not at all. Mindfulness is practiced by people of all ages, including many with severe health issues and physical limitations. You can choose what posture you adopt to meditate and many people find that sitting on chairs works well, but you can also lie down, stand or sit on the floor with cushions or a meditation stool if you like. The most important thing is listening to your body and what it needs to be comfortable and at ease – it’s not an endurance test.

Why learn Mindfulness with Go Mindfully?

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days, and it can be hard to choose which course and teacher to pick.  It’s really important that you find a teacher who fits you and feels authentic. I am committed to teaching Mindfulness with integrity and not just as a fad that will too soon lose its sparkle! Mindfulness is not a quick fix, but rather a way of being that we can continue to explore over a lifetime. I have been teaching Mindfulness extensively for the last 11 years, to general public groups and in Higher Education, counselling and charity organisations, the NHS and in business. I draw on years of my own meditation experience, and yoga, qi gong and psychotherapy training. I am a dedicated student of Buddhist psychology and other mind-body approaches for the ease of suffering and the cultivation of joy and wellbeing. In addition what I offer you is an ongoing community for graduates, so that once the course is over you can continue to be supported and encouraged by others.

What are the Terms and Conditions? 

There is a a non-refundable deposit of £50 required to confirm your place. The full remaining fee is to be paid at least a week before the course starts.  The fee minus deposit is refundable up to 1 week before the start date. Once the course has started the full fee is non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances, as we are not able to fill a space once the course has started.  However, depending on the circumstances of your cancellation if there is a space on a subsequent course you may be able to attend this without charge.

How do I book?

Whichever course you want to attend please check information pages then go to Booking Now   Each booking will require you complete a form that asks you a few questions about yourself and your current life circumstances (these will be treated in strictest confidence). Once received we will arrange a 20-30 minute telephone assessment session, to make sure as far as possible that this is the right course for you at the right time.  Please email me at info@gomindfully.org or use the contact form below if you have a query.

Will I need to bring anything?

No, just yourself in comfy clothes that aren’t tight at the waist so that you can feel relaxed and breathe easily.  There will be a tea break half way through but do consider having a bite to eat before hand if it’s an evening course, and bring a bottle of water if you like.  I have all the equipment you will need including chairs, yoga mats, meditation cushions, stools and blankets.