Go Mindfully Zoe

The 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR)

An an excellent way to gain a solid foundation in mindfulness as a way of living and meditation as a daily resource, led by a certified senior teacher and supervisor for the Mindfulness Network.

The course follows faithfully the programme developed and recently updated by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Browns University.

This unique curriculum has been clinically proven to be highly effective in working with a range of physical and psychological problems, as well as improving levels of wellbeing, joy and ease.

What people say

“I appreciated the caring supportive trainer who ensured we got the most out of sessions and had a good sense of humour”
“Everything we experienced on this course was helpful, especially the uncomfortable bits… It’s given me a way to explore feelings in a fresh way with lightness and clarity and trust in myself”
“Becoming aware of my ‘over ride’ button was really important for me and how I just keep pressing on at a cost to myself”
“I have learnt a-lot that will help me take more take care of myself”
“This is a way of being I can share with my clients especially those who’ve suffered long-term depression, thank you”
“One person was telling me over drinks at the end of the day that he arrived feeling like he was too busy and really didn’t need the extra hassle and time of being out of the office but your session helped him leave all that behind and throw himself into it.” (Interbrand)
“Thank you for a fab session yesterday we all thoroughly enjoyed it and set us up perfectly for the rest of the day.”
“The session structure, pace and content were all excellent”

What does it involve?

  • initial 30 min individual telephone orientation session

  • 8 x 2hr 45 min classes with tea break

  • group size capped at 16

  • each themed session includes meditations, discussion and reflective exercises
  • 1 x 6hr Retreat Day

  • unique recorded meditations to practice with at home each day

  • an original course handbook to support your learning 

  • open to beginners and those seeking to refresh their mindfulness

In MBSR you’ll learn

  • how to make mindfulness part of daily life

  • how to move from stress reactivity to stress responding

  • how being mindful gives you more choice

  • how to befriend your emotions

  • how to experience more joy and gratitude

  • how mindful communication resolves conflict

  • how to enhance mind-body healing

  • how to find more ease in the body even with chronic pain

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