Online Meditation Drop-ins

Practice & Connect for Graduates & Beginners:

April 9th and 30th / May 14th and 28th

at 9.30-10.45am

An online opportunity to practice and connect with guided meditations, teacher reflections and group discussion

everyone welcome

for anyone who has completed an MBSR/MBCT or Mindful Self-Compassion course

 or beginners curious to learn more about the mindful and self-compassion approach

Booking: No need to book ahead just turn up, on time please and if you’re late just mute your mic and settle in with us.

Cost: the suggested donation £5/£10/£15 per session. (see BACS or Paypal details below)

What people say

“I loved the simplicity of this this morning and the session helped me enormously, thank you!”
“You clearly know your subject inside out and back to front, and yet you wear your knowledge lightly.”
“Thank you Zoe for this blissful afternoon”
“You hold the class in a really lovely space of learning and non-judgement.”
“Mindfulness could be terribly earnest and you make it fun.”
“You’ve managed to find a way to make mindfulness part of my life, which I’ve wanted for a long time.”
“The challenge, for me, is to keep pace with all the nuggets of gold so that they don’t slip through my fingers.”
“Its helped to appreciate myself and my life each day so much more”
“Facilitated and held by a really experienced and congruent teacher.”
“You are a fabulous teacher.” / “This course changed my life”
“I have learned to open my eyes and really appreciate the small things in life”
“I have a greater sense of peacefulness, of being more in touch with myself”
“I liked the teachers openness and realism about the challenges of being mindful”
“It felt like a safe environment to speak openly, thank you for that”
“I found the group support, shared experiences and inspirational writings the most useful”
“I feel many insights I’ve had are more useful than those gained from several years studying psychology and mental health!”

Donations via Paypal

Donation via Paypal

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