Wherever you are as this un-ordinary summer unfolds I hope you are finding moments of ease. Times continue to be difficult, unpredictable and uncertain for most of us and it’s hard going one way or another. And yet as ever isn’t the way we meet ourselves as we go through whatever we are facing what really makes the difference? If I could wish for a lasting benefit for anyone who has come to a course I’ve run or worked with me individually it would be a little (more) self-acceptance. At the end of the day moments of freedom from self-criticism, comparison, evaluation and self-abandonment are really where peace lies – if we are locked in an inner battle with ourselves it certainly doesn’t, in my experience, seem to come from anywhere else!

Changing the tone of the inner dialogue, befriending my imperfect self, intending to treat myself with the same understanding I would a friend or dear one, continue to be the keys to my own greater joy and happiness. Practice means being present to what’s here, acknowledging and forgiving, a lot and often. Paradoxically, from that place change is possible. I don’t practice this perfectly – and thank goodness that’s not the point! Learning to be a ‘compassionate mess’ as one teacher put it is more what it’s all about, not some ideal of serenity or whatever we might aspire to. It’s about being more fully ourselves, and getting out of our own way in fact. That’s where the real freedom lies…and maybe summer, however yours looks, is an opportunity to notice if we are standing in the way of our own sunshine, as Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it?

I hope that you will consider that staying well at this time means staying friendly to yourself as best you can, and I hope you’ll join me in learning and practising together the awareness and kindness we all need at this time…Upcoming events are below, and wherever you are on your mindful journey, beginning or wanting to go deeper do get in touch at info@gomindfully.org

(open to all, with mindfulness experience or not)

Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop 
10th Sept 6.00-7.30pm £FREE
find out what all the fuss is about!
an experiential 
taster session, with a bit of the science and discussion

8 Week Mindful Self-Compassion Course
starts Oct 10th to Dec 5th Saturdays 2-5pm £250
the full original programme in a small group max 12 people
reduced price spaces are available please let me know if finances are difficult

Cultivating Happiness Workshop 
25th Oct 
10-1pm £40.00
at The Mindfulness Project

(for those who’ve attended a course previously or have some MBSR/MBCT or MSC experience)

Drop-in Practice and Connect Sessions 
Resuming from Saturday 29th August 9.30-10.45am £Free or by donation
a space to practice, share and be supported
These have replaced top-ups for now (I hope to offer face to face again soon),
see website for all dates 

Weekend of Teaching and Practice Mindful Self-Compassion  
5th – 6th Sept 9.30-4.00pm, £95.00.
a chance to explore or refresh your practice with this transformative approach with myself and Ali Lambie a wonderful teacher and friend. For anyone whose done a mindfulness course or MSC…

Other Online Practice Opportunities with me and other teachers 

Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation Open to All
Every day of the Week at 1-1.45pm and 3-3.45pm at Centre for MSC