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Mindfulness and Counselling…a path for coming home to wholeness

We are passionate about the way counselling and mindfulness meditation can really change how people relate to themselves and their world with increased compassion and a sense of ease.

Individual or Couple Mindfulness courses

Some people learn Mindfulness through self-help books, others through group programmes and for others working individually with a skilled teacher works best. We can tailor the training to suit your own particular needs, both in terms of your main concerns/difficulties as well as your situation and time available.  We can offer you one to one sessions to guide you through how mindfulness may be relevant to you, and we have a range of CDs and resources to support developing these skills in between sessions. Private sessions can be booked in Richmond or Twickenham or at home.

“if we can change the way we see, we can change the way we respond”
(Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Fees, location, times available

You can book a session with me in Richmond on Tuesday evenings (in partnership with Richmond Therapy Space opposite Richmond Station) or in Twickenham Tuesday or Thursday daytime (at Body Balance Clinic 96 Heath Road).  I charge £65-£50 (if unwaged) per 1hr session. Please discuss with me if your financial circumstances make the full rate prohibitive.


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