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Mindfulness and Counselling…a path for coming home to wholeness

I am passionate about the way counselling and mindfulness meditation can really change how people relate to themselves and their world with increased compassion and a sense of ease.

Individual or Couple Mindfulness Training

Some people learn Mindfulness through self-help books, others through group programmes and for others working individually with a skilled teacher works best. Individual Mindfulness Training is designed to offer you instruction and support that fits your personal needs and schedule. It allows you to work directly with an experienced mindfulness teacher in person or online from your own home or office. Through this process, you may develop your own mindfulness practice and/or deepen your mindfulness training through the support of a senior teacher.

I offer instructions in mindfulness and mindful self-compassion meditation, integrating mindfulness in daily life including work and family, and support for people with a current and even long-standing meditation practice who may want some guidance, refinement and support.

Costs: £65 per hour in person, couples £75, £50 per hour online

“if we can change the way we see, we can change the way we respond”
(Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Location and times 

You can book a session with me in Richmond on Tuesday evenings (in partnership with Richmond Therapy Space opposite Richmond Station) or online via zoom, Skype or Facetime.  I charge £65-£50 per 1hr session. Please discuss with me if your financial circumstances make the full rate prohibitive.


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