“this course changed my life”

“I have learned to open my eyes and really appreciate the small things in life”

“I have a greater sense of peacefulness, of being more in touch with myself”

“I liked the teachers openness and realism about the challenges of being mindful”

“It felt like a safe environment to speak openly, thank you for that”

“I found the group support, shared experiences and inspirational writings the most useful”

“Its helped to appreciate myself and my life each day so much more” 


“I appreciated the caring supportive trainer who ensured we got the most out of sessions and had a good sense of humour”

“everything we experienced on this course was helpful, especially the uncomfortable bits…its given me a way to explore feelings in a fresh way with lightness and clarity and trust in myself”

“the session structure, pace and content were all excellent”

“becoming aware of my ‘over ride’ button was really important for me and how I just keep pressing on at a cost to myself”

“I have learnt alot that will help me take more take care of myself”

“this is a way of being I can share with my clients especially those who’ve suffered long-term depression, thank you”